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Terms and Conditions

By using the website and services provided by Gatwick Parking Hub Limited, I agree to the below terms and conditions:

These terms and conditions apply to car park bookings made on our website - https://gatwickparkinghub.com/ (“Website”). Please read these terms and conditions carefully.


1.1 By using our website to book services, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions ("Terms"). Before finalising your booking, you'll have the opportunity to review these Terms, and your confirmation of purchase signifies your acceptance of them.

1.2 Any agreement between you and us is subject to English law, with disputes to be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales. References to "the Airport" pertain to Gatwick Airport, including all terminals.

1.3 These Terms, in conjunction with any other applicable terms mentioned herein or throughout the booking process (including those provided by third-party operators and our sales agents), constitute the entire agreement governing the sale of services between you and the Airport.

1.4 If circumstances beyond our control prevent us from providing car parking services, we reserve the right to either cancel the contract or offer an alternative parking location at no extra cost. We will strive to provide ample notice. If an alternative isn't feasible, we will cancel the contract and refund the payment to the credit/debit card used for the booking, but we won't be liable for any additional costs incurred due to circumstances beyond our control.

1.5 Our responsibility is solely limited to providing car parking services under the contract. We are not liable for any other costs, including those imposed by the Airport for drop-offs, or any compensation or expenses related to flights or other services you've arranged. You are responsible for allowing sufficient time for car parking, terminal transfer, airport procedures (such as check-in and security), and any subsequent travel arrangements.

1.6 No individual has the authority to modify these Terms and Conditions unless authorized in writing by the Company's director.

1.7 While we aim to provide satisfactory service, if you wish to complain, please email us at helpdesk@gatwickparkinghub.com.

Your Booking:

2.1 When you book a parking spot with Gatwick Parking Hub through our website, you're making a deal with us. This deal covers the parking service described on our site for the dates and times you confirmed during the online booking process and as stated in your booking confirmation email. Your agreement starts on the date you receive the booking confirmation email.

2.2 Your booking is specifically for the designated parking area. If you don't follow the entry or exit instructions or use a different parking area, any extra charges won't be refunded.

2.3 Only people aged 18 or older can make bookings. There's a height limit of 2 metres (6 ft. 6 inches) for all bookings. You can't sell or transfer your booking to anyone else.

2.4 Bookings need to be made at least 72 hours before your arrival time for Meet and Greet (M&G) and electric vehicle charging services. Availability is subject to change, and we may withdraw availability for certain dates at our discretion.

2.5 When you book parking through our site, you'll receive a unique booking reference number. Keep this number handy if you need to make any changes to your booking.

2.6 The price you agree to during the booking process, whether online or over the phone, is the final price. It's in British pounds and may or may not include Value Added Tax and other taxes. This price stays the same for your entire parking duration.

2.7 If you've booked electric vehicle charging or meet-and-greet parking, you'll need to provide details about your return flight, including your return time. If the information you give is wrong, your vehicle might be delayed for up to 3 hours upon your return, and it might not be charged.


3.1 You must pay in advance and online. You can use one of the payment methods listed on our website. If your card is declined or used fraudulently, or if you're under 18, we may not be able to process your booking.

3.2 Once you've filled in all the required information and completed your booking, we'll send you an email confirmation. Make sure you provide a valid email address, as we can't be held responsible for emails not getting through due to transmission issues or if you've given us the wrong email address.

Cancellations and Amendments

4.1 If you've booked your car parking or electric vehicle charging directly through our website, you can cancel your booking by giving us at least 48 hours notice before your scheduled arrival time at the car park. You'll get an email confirming your cancellation. However, if you cancel within 48 hours of your arrival, you won't get a refund.

4.2 To cancel or change your booking, go to the website where you made the booking and follow the instructions there. Alternatively, you can email us at helpdesk@gatwickparkinghub.com if you encounter any issues.

4.3 Bookings made less than 24 hours before you're due to arrive at the car park can't be cancelled and won't be refunded.

4.4 If you don't use your booking or if you make changes after your scheduled arrival date, like not using an electric vehicle charging cable as described in clause 7.2, you won't get a refund for any unused days.

4.5 If you want to shorten the number of days in your parking booking, you need to let us know at least 24 hours before your scheduled arrival time. If you don't give enough notice, you won't get a refund, or if your change means you need more parking days, you'll have to pay the full daily rate for the extra days at the car park.

Entry and Exit Guidelines:

5.1 Follow the instructions given in your email confirmation and on the car park booking page when entering or leaving the car park.

5.2 Your booking is only good for the dates specified. If you don't follow the entry or exit instructions or use a different car park, you'll have to pay any extra charges when you leave the car park, and these charges won't be refunded.

Car Park Rules:

6.1 By using our car park, you agree to these rules. You promise to cover any losses we face if you break them, such as overstaying or not paying properly. If a third party demands payment for charges you owe, we may give them your contact details.

6.2 Parking fees are charged per day. If you stay up to 2 hours later than your booking exit time, there's no extra charge. But if you stay more than 6 hours past your exit time, you'll be charged extra for each day you overstay.

6.3 You must pay the overstay charge before leaving with your car, regardless of why you were delayed unless it's our fault.

6.4 For Meet and Greet (M&G) parking, arrive within the hour you booked. If you come at a different time, we might refuse to provide the service.

6.5 We may search your vehicle for security reasons.

6.6 Your vehicle and belongings are your responsibility. Lock your car, give keys to M&G staff if needed, and don't leave valuables inside. So it is the owner’s responsibility to:

  • Lock your vehicle securely
  • If you've booked Meet and Greet (M&G), give your keys to our staff.
  • Close all your car windows tightly.
  • Make sure your handbrake is on.
  • Use any extra security features like a steering lock, alarm, or immobilizer.
  • Don't leave any pets or people inside your car.

6.7 We're not responsible for any damage or loss to your vehicle or belongings.

6.8 CCTV cameras are for security and might not cover everything. We'll cooperate with the police if there's a problem.

6.9 While we try to keep the car park secure, we can't guarantee it's completely safe.

6.10 Park only in marked bays and don't block others.

6.11 Follow signs and instructions in the car park or M&G area.

6.12 For M&G, give only the necessary keys to staff. We're not responsible for other keys.

6.13 Your vehicle must be roadworthy and properly insured while with us. You'll cover any losses if it's not.

6.14 We can refuse entry or move vehicles if needed.

6.15 We may move vehicles within the car park for safety or efficiency.

6.16 If needed, we may move your vehicle to another car park temporarily.

6.17 No towing or vehicle work is allowed in the car park.

6.18 No selling or trading vehicles in the car park.

6.19 If your vehicle's battery is low, we may charge it for a fee.

Electric Vehicle Charging:

7.1 When you book electric vehicle charging, it's for a single charge lasting at least 5 hours. We'll try to complete the charge in the last 24 hours of your booked parking dates.

7.2 If you've booked electric vehicle charging, you must leave the charging cable in your vehicle when you park. If you don't, your vehicle won't be charged, and you won't get a refund for the charging service.

7.3 We can't guarantee your vehicle will be fully charged when you return. The charging service provides a minimum 5-hour charge on a 7kw charger, but depending on your vehicle, it may not result in a full charge.

Damage Notification and Complaints Procedure for Meet and Greet (M&G):

8.1 If your vehicle gets damaged or if you lose any belongings while it's in the M&G car park:

  • Tell a M&G staff member right away. They'll document what happened.
  • If it's theft, call the police immediately.

8.2 We can't consider claims for M&G vehicle damage unless you report it before leaving the car park. We're not responsible for loss or damage, including paintwork damage (even from someone else), unless it's proven to be our fault.

8.3 For M&G services only - we're responsible for driving your car safely. We and our subcontractors have insurance for any damage caused by our negligent driving. However, we're not liable if your car is driven legally but violates insurance requirements or triggers alerts on onboard computers, beyond the legal requirements.

8.4 We might need to adjust your car settings, like seats and mirrors, to move it to and from storage safely.


8.5 We aren't responsible for any damage to your vehicle, whether accidental or from vandalism, while it's with us.

8.6 If you're unhappy with the service you've received, please follow the complaint procedure outlined in clause 1.7.

8.7 If your vehicle gets damaged or if you lose any belongings while it's with us:

  • Tell one of our staff members at the car park immediately, or email us at helpdesk@gatwickparkinghub.com.
  • If it's theft, call the police right away.
  • Notify your insurance company promptly.

Vehicle Abandonment Policy:

9.1 If you don't pick up your vehicle within 28 days after the exit date you specified in your booking, we'll consider it abandoned unless you notify us in writing. Your notification should include:

  • Your vehicle's registration number.
  • Where it's parked in the car park.
  • Why there's a delay in collecting it and the new expected collection date?

9.2 We may have lawful authority to remove and sell your vehicle if it's abandoned.

9.3 Before selling or disposing of an abandoned vehicle, we'll involve the appropriate authorities, like the local council, police, and DVLA. We'll also attach a notice to the vehicle at least 7 days before we plan to remove it.

9.4 If we sell an abandoned vehicle at auction, the money will go towards any money you owe us. Any extra money will be held by us for you until you can claim it.

Parking Violations – Excluding Meet and Greet:

10.1 By utilizing the car park, you commit to adhering to any additional regulations visibly posted within or around the premises. Should you disagree with these regulations upon entry, kindly vacate the premises immediately.

10.2 It's crucial to:

  • Avoid parking in designated areas for specific purposes unless entitled (e.g., disabled spots without a corresponding badge).
  • Ensure your vehicle is parked within designated bays.
  • Comply with all signage within the car park.

10.3 The following activities are strictly prohibited within our car parks, and we reserve the right to deny access to individuals found engaging in these activities:

  • Conducting maintenance, cleaning, or repair work on your vehicle.
  • Conducting any commercial activities, such as vehicle sales.
  • Fueling or emptying vehicle fuel tanks.
  • Damaging any part of the car park infrastructure.
  • Parking outside designated spots or disregarding instructions from car park staff.
  • Driving recklessly or at excessive speeds.
  • Generating excessive noise or disturbances, including disruptive music.
  • Capturing photos or filming videos.
  • Cooking or initiating fires.
  • Utilizing camper van facilities beyond parking purposes.
  • Engaging in criminal activities.
  • Spending extended periods (as determined by us) inside your vehicle within the car park, including sleeping.

10.4 Should any damage occur to car park equipment due to your actions, you will be liable for the cost of repairs unless attributable to our negligence.

10.5 Failure to park correctly may result in a fine. This fine must be settled before exiting the car park premises.

10.6 Breaching these terms may lead to additional charges, such as overstaying fees. In instances where these charges remain unpaid upon exit from the car park, we may engage a third party to collect them. You will receive notices detailing the outstanding charges and payment deadlines. Failure to remit payment within the specified timeframe will result in further charges.

Events Beyond Our Control:

11.1 We disclaim liability for any failure to perform our obligations arising from events beyond our control, including but not limited to war, natural disasters, and governmental regulations.

11.2 Unless expressly stated otherwise, we are not obligated to refund pre-payments or alter bookings in response to events falling under clause 11.1.

Our Responsibility to You:

12.1 We pledge to deliver services with due care and skill.

12.2 Our liability extends to cases of death, personal injury, or fraud caused by our negligence.

12.3 Our liability concerning parking services is capped at £500.

12.4 We disclaim liability for:

  • Indirect losses.
  • Loss of profit, enjoyment, revenue, data, or earnings.
  • Theft from your vehicle unless attributed to our negligence.
  • The security of your vehicle or its contents; consequently, we are not liable for any related losses or damages.

Changes to Terms:

13.1 These terms may only be amended in writing by our director.


14.1 Each term remains valid independently, even if others are unenforceable.

14.2 Our employees may not alter terms unless confirmed in writing.

14.3 These terms do not infringe upon your legal rights.

Entire Agreement:

15.1 These terms constitute the entire agreement and supersede all prior agreements between the parties.

15.2 By entering into this agreement, you acknowledge that you do not rely on any representations or warranties not explicitly set forth herein.

Third-party Rights:

16.1 Unless stated otherwise, this agreement does not grant any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 for third parties to enforce its terms.


17.1 This agreement, along with any disputes or claims arising from it or its subject matter, shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of England and Wales.


18.1 Both parties agree that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive authority to resolve any disputes or claims arising from this agreement or its subject matter.

18.2 If your vehicle isn't ULEZ compliant, we'll need to park it in a non-ULEZ area, which may take slightly longer to return to the terminal.